FLOS ALIENA: Germination

at the Autumn Lights Festival at

The Gardens at Lake Merritt

October 18-20, 2018

In a dramatic show of panspermia, alien seeds ride into the Earth’s atmosphere aboard a meteor. They survive and are awakened from their galactic aeon of dormancy by the heat of atmospheric entry. It was designed for this journey, much like the cones of Lodgepole Pines and Giant Sequoias that not only survive, but also are opened by forest fires. Now, this alien seed has germinated…

Flos Aliena first landed at the Autumn Lights Festival at the Gardens at Lake Merritt in 2016. Since then, this panspermic Alien Flower has grown and now begins to spread. Thirty additional 20-foot tall 'stamen' (LED spires) have spread from the central 'pistil'. These stamen act as a hive-mind. There is no leader, no central controller. The stamen will peer-to-peer coordinate their actions.

Below are three videos showing different angles and highlighting different light patterns from that event.

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